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1 keyboard / mouse to 2 PCs SAME use (no switch!) - Multi Boxing
ALT 27.01.2013
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1 keyboard / mouse to 2 PCs SAME use (no switch!) - Multi Boxing - Posted: 27.01.2013

my two-hour search has unfortunately brought no result. I hope someone can help me here.

Wanted is a solution that I can simultaneously control 2 computers with one keyboard and one mouse. That is, if I should receive both computers "a" on the keyboard "a" hit. using the mouse as well, so if I helped them push back and on both pcs have the same screen resolution with the same mouse sensibility, to run on both PCs the same movement.

a hardware or software solution. A software solution would probably be difficult since one is a Mac and the other a PC.
so I think more of a kind of usb cables with 2The / 1from or 4ein / 2out of connections (for mouse + pc).
The problem with so-called kvm solutions that these switches, ie they always send the signal to a selected computer and not on both.

Not discuss but focus only on the Probelm here about the meaning and purpose of my concern. The stated purpose was told that multiboxing is to be performed (who does not know what that is, please google). Please no more questions, because that would only distract.

I look forward to your reply. Thank you in advance ...
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ALT 01/28/2013
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fall as spontaneously me Solid ICE - The Official Home Of keyclone and (better) Home - ISBoxer Multiboxing Software a.

Both are self-explanatory and good instructions here, if you still have questions get in touch, have both used. To what extent it with Mac goes, no idea, never owned one did. But you also need net several computers with these programs ...
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