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What happens to our WoW Bot starts when Cataclysm?
ALT 10.11.2010
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What happens to our WoW Bot starts when Cataclysm? - Posted: 10/11/2010
Check out what you expect & Bot with our WoW?
Since I am often asked how our Fair Play Bot Cataclysm goes on here now an official statement from my side. The developers have been working for months with the Cataclysm on several new features or improve existing * profile *, following a short summary. Classes - [...]

What happens to our WoW Bot starts when Cataclysm? Read more ...

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ALT 10.11.2010
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'm Already on it and my 2nd drann acc keep thinking but do not look ^ ^ times
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ALT 17.11.2010
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Nice look, forward to the revision in the quest system and the facilitation of botting in groups!
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