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ALT 03.02.2011
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Education: Downtime 29.01.11 03.02.11 - Posted: 03/02/2011
Hello dear user,
as you probably noticed is our bot now for over 6 days down. Many wonder, "Why, why get updated very often just as few details, what's going on? Fraud?"

The server of our bots competitor was (probably) the English Resellers DDosed. This was the first time down from 1-2 days, after which the Chinese have decided to developers to upgrade the server (ie to buy more, later), so the rest of downtime.

Why get updated very often just as few dates?
Because of the contact due to Chinese New Year's days (?) Is relatively complicated, it can reach only 2 sellers who speak very poor English. Each Reseller is affected.

And if we have no information, then we can pass it either.

What is?
Obviously this will get updated very often problems when upgrading to the end to stop the worst case of the Chinese holidays, 6 of 10 public holidays are already in order!

No, your bot will not run time, users who purchased after the downtime lose any time because the time would expire after your first successful login.

The whole story is based on several different, were not adversely affected in our power to past events, do us all companies involved and suffering.
But we hope for your understanding!
Best regards,

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ALT 03.02.2011
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Sounds like everything that can happen is happening

But thank you for the admin Inofs ....

Now it should probably be all clear what happened, what is done and how long it might take.

Questions? I think there are no more, unless there are people who can not read, but then the wrong forum.

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ALT 04.02.2011
View Softi
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The server of our bots competitor was (probably) the English DDosed reseller.

it lacks a "gedingst".

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ALT 04.02.2011
Avatar by svenmarian
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Okay, thanks, hope to read it as many people as possible! And I do not begrudge the Chinese really that rakern up around the clock to the A ****** raw diet so that their families can reasonably, so I see it with composure when the partying times thick =)! Good post and especially informatifer @ Adi!
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