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Glider question about Rogue and Vansih
ALT February 16, 2008
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Glider question about Rogue and Vansih -Posted: February 16, 2008

I now use Glider for 2 days (Elite I also bought me today) and feel my way slowly to matter heran.Das problem that is occurring in it is wrong to speak to me the following two ways: If I set it in the glider is to use Vanish he just runs away when not in use the Vanish LowLife and what causes the most stirbt.Frage he is now what's wrong? (Vanish is on actionbar 5 to "=" as described in the Guide)


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ALT February 16, 2008
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To that extent you use Glider Elite, grab times Pogue.
Highly recommended and works especially well vanish there.
Also, it provides far more useful to very important factors.
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ALT February 26, 2008
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The problem is that Glider "thinks" it would work on an EN keyboard. "=" Is there on the English Tastaur where with us, "'" is (right next to the beta).
I would recommend you to you with creating your own keys.xml employ. As you may have purely worked relatively quickly when you're ready to use all the capabilities of the glider and you bottest NEN tick safer because you do not have the standard distribution capabilities.

Just play the villain would you even a little and place the skills as you play. And then you judge the keys.xml so that Glider know what are your skills.

Note: ß 'and can not show you. But you can use all 6 bars.
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