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Translation of the rogue skills
ALT February 17, 2008
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Translation of the rogue skills -Posted: February 17, 2008
Ich hatte immer ein Problem mit den Englischen-Fähigkeitsnamen und habe hier mal eine Liste mit den Übersetzungen zusammengestellt. Mir hat die Liste sehr geholfen.

Eat food =
Main hand poison (drag item from backpack) = poison for the main hand
Off-hand poison (drag item from backpack) = poison for the supporting hand
Riposte = disarm
Blade flurry = blade flurry
Kidney shot = kidney punch
Kfba = feint
Adrenaline rush adrenaline rush =
Stealth stealth =
Ranged attack distance weapon =
Sinister strike = sinister strike
Eviscerate = evisceration
Gouge = solar plexus
Back bar = assassinate
Cold blood cold =
Cheap shot = cheap shot
Evasion = escape
Kick kicking =
Potion = Heiltrank
Vanish vanishing =
Hearthstone = Hearthstone
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ALT February 17, 2008
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great kriegste nen +rep
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