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Seeking: max dam.einstelleung at pogue fürn rogue
ALT 08.03.2008
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Seeking: max dam.einstelleung at pogue fürn rogue - Posted: 08/03/2008
Hello together,

My rogue is so dam about 12-15k. BG setting with my Pogue, but think that there might be more to it.

My Rogue has Steitkolben and geskillt 17/0/41.

Someone has tips on what I dam pogue for more. einstelle.Distanz disclosures would be nice too.

PS he is set to fight back in the momemt

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ALT March 10, 2008
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Look at that, because everything should be clarified to know. Otherwise, write me a PM and I'll help you gladly!
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