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Rogue mobs ignored
ALT March 17, 2008
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Rogue mobs ignored - Posted: 17/03/2008
Hello people,

I've decided to hochzugliden a villain. Now I will skip the problem if he does get a mob he just wants some opponents but are still in front of the other opponents. What I found funny is that he has suddenly no longer gepullt with the throwing weapon but with the Bodypull what is really totally stupid. My settings:

Use stealth ACTIVE
Runners chase ACTIVE
Open with Cheap Shot ACTIVE

The rest is all on display. My Rogue is lvl 10th

PS: Stealth USERS he not.
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ALT March 17, 2008
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I was on my rogue already .. different load profile press glide, then the current load, then it should work again
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ALT March 22, 2008
Registered since: May 2007
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c cc or normal? I have probs with both
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