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bmwmonster 23.03.2008 22:41

Pogue does not pulls with range
Hy people,

my thug pullt about 50 times with Range..dann at once he no longer pullt and runs toward the mob and then submit it ..the keys fit I have on heart and kidney examined all the other things in the bar he makes no prob. as Sinester strike, eviscerate, etc.

is also always in the log when it critet it.

except in ampoules because it brings: wanted to open ranged.But mob is ranged
What do I have to change because he always pullt with Ranged ??

PS. how do I get the annoying waited for Player 1 Minute to leave off.

Is this some setting that can not be kept waiting can be more special massacre ??

Admine 23.03.2008 23:00

This is the meaning of the class, if he can, he thinks he does ..Pogue running to decide for themselves ... and wanted to open ranged.But mob is ranged. makes it, because it does not bring him when he throws something eg for a mage.

bmwmonster 23.03.2008 23:27

for example, am now on silk farms, in the spin ..da it's great when he wrestled with pullt, since the spin off and stand behind the trees and he can pullen there anyway.
when he tried to race out he usually stays put.

Pullen would prefer me with the profile, you can not change the CC he always pullt with range

Admine 23.03.2008 23:47

not at Pogue ...

bmwmonster 23.03.2008 23:50

gives ne alternative to pogue fürn rogue

Admine 24.03.2008 00:11

standard class hire ...

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