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Villain with a sword / dagger / mace or how you see that?
ALT April 14, 2008
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Villain with a sword / dagger / mace or how you see that? - Posted: 14/04/2008
Which weapon you recommend?

Rogue dagger or dagger / sword or what hurt the most.

My rogue is fight and now soon to geskillt 50th

Should I choose slow and the decision is difficult for me ...

Who knows what?
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ALT April 14, 2008
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Stone guard

buddy of mine has sword-dagger

eig is the matter as long as the weapon dps has ^ ^
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ALT April 14, 2008
Registered since: Jan 2008
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've Made my decision on my rogue for a Hemo spec 15/23/23, with which I am largely independent type of weapon.
Did the first in the Täuschungstree reingeskillt leveling, then Combat ... had no problems with leveling and also the farms lüppt to 70.

But of course there are many ways a rogue to botting successfully, you must set it on hold just the right match-ups.
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ALT April 14, 2008
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Generally recommended for PvE swords, flasks is actually the same dagger here is relatively poor in PvP dagger and pistons are in turn great for you with daggers and often dwells too often have a higher chance to proc poisons, enchantments, etc. plays here a major role to play as you like.

Piston = Pve, PvP well why?
You can skillen they stun in PvP, in PvE, they are like swords, because they do not stun boss mostly through the proc can
(Not Boss stunbar) it is not so valuable.

PVE = swords well why?
This is so that I will not say "W00t" Swords PvP = + crap they are obviously good but they are worse geskillten piston geskillt if not the same effect.

Daggers = PvP well why?
These are the daggers a little "burst" and have often proc, but the disadvantage in regard to PvE damage is worse on the long, why have swords geskillte the impact on extra 5% are unskilled as pistons better.

But I want to set here in any case what should you take it is your decision.
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