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Pouge + Elite + Spartacus ... Need Help: (
ALT April 15, 2008
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Pouge + Elite + Spartacus ... Need Help: ( - Posted: 15/04/2008
Need your help
I've already entliche Tuts fourm and searched but nothing fidne ..
So ...
I'm from the Bada Trulala followed and made Glider Elite + Spartacus is set perfect
If I want to honor botting with Pouge If he clicks on the Alterc type but does not at ... with the normal classes so everything standart funzt
In Alterc ^ ^ funzt nothing at all He attacks all enemies ... But funzt mount net ..
does the use of the key.xml Pouge
He climbs onto net mount when I do it manually it runs against walls, etc.
glider log here ...

Timed out waiting for mount buff
Remove pursuers: Bypass
I seem stuck, try to avoid
Mount up

PS: What's more, he makes only poison on a weapon .. and always to the Graveyard, he will again make up poison ^ ^

ok Thank you for your help
MFG Kingy

Last edited by Kingy (15/04/2008 to 13:58 (Watch)
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ALT April 24, 2008
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WooooW first thick Smiley ALERT!!

PLS post your version Pogue!

So if you think you have to Pogue, he clicks the guy does not? Strange ...
The only thing I would think that is:

[Repair and Sell] -
-Out there to do everything! All Haclen out and name

[Racial Skills]
-Out there ... everything makes a lot of problems!

Then on the Mount! Pls open your keys and see if the mount is on the right key ...

Apart from the [General]

Hoes at [Mount] purely ^ ^
And put down the Mount value!
Should I now helped you have, please simply to Click!
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ALT April 24, 2008
Avatar by Mushuu
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to the poisons:
you have to use the English language pack, so that works well with the poisons!
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ALT April 24, 2008
Registered since: Feb 2008
Contributions: 409
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Thank you
Funzt eingetlich up quite well now ...
Yeah Smylie alarm
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