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error message ppather/pathpogue1.1.3bet0.31
ALT 02.05.2008
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error message ppather/pathpogue1.1.3bet0.31 -Posted: 02.05.2008
I am currently running the hordes 1-70 .. the mage is all explained, but the Rogue does not start ... I keep getting the following message

Auto-stop enabled wants to glide until: 01:53
Started gliding
TotalMemory before 1 MB
Zone is: The Den: Durotar
Continent is: Kalimdor
Failed to load NPC data ***
Load toon data for ****
Loaded 0 toon state data
Loaded tendency info on 0 mobs
Evasion is not on cooldown
Unknown task type Buy
Saved tendency info on 0 mobs
Inside OnStopGlider()
Total Memory 3 MB
TotalMemory after GC 1 MB
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ALT 03.05.2008
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I use the same version and binrausgeflogen. I now want to restart and now he tells me he can not find the file pogue. but it is ardner and they can choose it. I can not until the option of shurken go in, he brings me the error can not find teai
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