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Is it possible to Pouge in stealth ...
ALT may 09th, 2008
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Is it possible to Pouge in stealth ... -Posted: 09.05.2008
To go ... if a player of the same or other frank tion passes at one? if so, how exactly do I have to adjust for the Pouge?

thank you has already in advance.
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ALT May 10, 2008
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So I just enfahc Avoid common Faction
and then he sits down to go there in stealth and wait until they're gone ..

Edit: looked degrees.

Pogue Options -> First Page -> 5 and 6 of the top:

Hide from other faction
Hide from same faction

Simply turn on ..


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ALT May 11, 2008
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hiho, I have the problem eg a player who because of also good to know that my Rogue is Bottet always stand as I do that from? and that is always splashing around in my glider "Waited 2 hours for players to leave
BloodElf ***** Hunter lvl 42 distance 33 "because he is waiting for 2 minutes each time will cost me too much time

Ah habs finally made himself ^ ^ which was directly under the micro-adjustment rogue =)

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ALT May 12, 2008
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Would be well if you tell others how you did it!
Should I now helped you have, please simply to Click!
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