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I'm in combat but my target is not attacking me!
ALT May 20, 2008
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I'm in combat but my target is not attacking me! -Posted: May 20, 2008
Most recently, come with me the error message: I'm in combat but my target is not attacking me! Once was gepullt with nasty trick ... use Pouge, prop, set everything good comes only das., most recently ...

Unfortunately, he listens then given away to attacking = 3-4sec Stunn .....

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ALT June 13, 2008
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hmm post 3 weeks old ... think you're reading this probably not eh ....

But anyway:
normally occurs only when someone else attacks your mob and the mob then goes to the other. Of course I understand your problem now do not you think that comes when no one else attacks your mob? We aRe oNe
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ALT 14/06/2008
Registered since: Jan 2008
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ne I think this is more like something nasty trick (Rogue goes into battle, but the target has not taken him into the target) but have not got a rogue and cc I know, unfortunately, but would not tap settings. ^ ^
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