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Rogues start
ALT 06.06.2008
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Rogues start - Posted: 06/06/2008
It's that time again, I start new secondary call char but somehow for me the beginning is always so complicated and extremely difficult! I've downloaded yesterday Pouge and as such are the usual settings Nich degree slightly despite the video you see what actually is very detailed! The problem is switcht continuously between 1 bar and 4, for whatever reasons, it is but no error message in the log then can he NEN pullproblem, Undzwar I rogue to run with NEM profile of admin but there is such a wall and run up there which when he is down he is always trying to take the above target although the pullrange "3".
Hope you can help me .... thx
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ALT 06.06.2008
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Well maybe you have a few more details and screenshots to your Pogue and Glider settings or log files etc. ..
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ALT 06.06.2008
Registered since: Jan 2008
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okay this has done to the prob Pouge version was probably more ^ ^

anyway thx hate love
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