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Dalaro 20.06.2008 11:19

Problems with Key.xml
Hall oils together,

I cc Pouge and NEN have small problem with the use key.xml

Undzwar reggen if he stops because he finds he must key de net ..

and know a lot do I fix unfortunately not the fault itself.

** Exception in GlideThread: object reference has been set not to an object instance.
  bei Glider.Common.Objects.GInterfaceHelper.GetActionInventory(String KeyName)
  at Glider.Common.Objects.Pogue.EatIfNeeded ()
  at Glider.Common.Objects.Pogue.Rest ()
  at Pather.Activities.ActivityAttack.Do ()
  at Pather.PPather.MyPather ()
  at Pather.PPather.Patrol()
  bei ag.q()
  bei ag.v()
Saved tendency info on 31 mobs



Bonte 20.06.2008 11:38

Do you have the keys.xml loaded into the Glider? Is it also correct? Have you checked the keys.xml before (resting stone on the right bar / button - with caution and `=)?

Since you're using ppather it must be the latest version. Then I have used tasks that have worked great and others not at all again. Have you taken a different time?

Dalaro 20.06.2008 11:59

I have only the command in the key.xml of me is missing ...

that would have to eat and drink when I can be found in the error message of Sun

I just do not know how this will look like

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