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Fehlermledung front of loot
ALT July 12, 2008
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Fehlermledung front of loot - Posted: 12.07.2008

can sb tell me what it is, the glider stops in front of the loot with the following error message?

** Exception in GlideThread: the given key was not in the dictionary.
at System.ThrowHelper.ThrowKeyNotFoundException()
in System.Collections.Generic. SortedList 2 get_Item (T key key)
at a3.g (Int32 A_0)
at Glider.Common.Objects.GInterfaceHelper.IsKeyReady (string KeyName)
at Glider.Common.Objects.GInterfaceHelper.WaitForRead y(String_KeyName)
at Glider.Common.Objects.GContext.CastSpell (string KeyName, Boolean WaitGCD, Boolean fast return, Int32 ChannelWaitTime)
at Glider.Common.Objects.GContext.CastSpell (string KeyName)
at Glider.Common.Objects.Pogue.CastSpell (String name)
at Glider.Common.Objects.Pogue.EatIfNeeded ()
at Glider.Common.Objects.Pogue.Rest ()
at Pather.Activities.ActivityAttack.Do ()
at Pather.PPather.MyPather ()
at Pather.PPather.Patrol()
at ah.q()
at ah.v()

Glider version 1.6.3 rc2
pather: 1.04c

thank you and greeting

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