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Rogue is waiting too long
ALT July 21, 2008
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Rogue is waiting too long -Posted: July 21, 2008
hi my Rogue a question someone pulls the gun and makes it dan solar plexus and then waits for a short time UDN he assassinates dan kan only NER does not use solar plexus and then immediately, without waiting to assassinate?

Rogue also used my shock, I know it does not sinister auch nich wtarum though I have everything set as it is in the rogue guide can help me there please someone?

found here and a page where the tool of rogue ankreutzen where one can be explained in German? eg how to open with cheap shot, please answer


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ALT July 21, 2008
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Probably he waits because he has too little energy!
Simply eighth time on it =)
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