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Pogue does not use Sinister Strike / Vanish
ALT July 31, 2008
Registered since: Jul 2008
Contributions: 6

Pogue does not use Sinister Strike / Vanish - Posted: 31/07/2008
generally funtzt my pogue, he has no problem to most mobs. often only available in gliderlog that sinister strike is used, but he uses it at all. The same for vanish. both are activated by pogue, so it should be used.
ichhabe umpteen as many keys changed on glider / options / keys / pogue, and yet it is not used.

I can also set this manually irgentwie?
So in the file pogue?

I have only 5 to vanish, because then at 7
sinister strike (dark shock) I'm at 5, then the number 3 in this bar.

all other things are working properly.
COULD it be in the German client? Please give suggestions as well as other solution

<key KeyName="Pogue.Ambush" ShiftState="None" KeyType="SpellID" SIM="0x2c04" Auto="True" />
<key KeyName="Pogue.AdrenalineRush" ShiftState="None" KeyType="SpellID" SIM="0x0" Auto="True" />
<key KeyName="Pogue.ArcaneTorrent" ShiftState="None" KeyType="SpellID" SIM="0x703a" Auto="True" />
<key KeyName="Pogue.Backstab" ShiftState="None" KeyType="SpellID" SIM="0x35" Auto="True" />
<key KeyName="Pogue.BladeFlurry" ShiftState="None" KeyType="SpellID" SIM="0x3635" Auto="True" />
<key KeyName="Pogue.Cannibalize" ShiftState="None" KeyType="SpellID" SIM="0x5061" Auto="True" />
<key KeyName="Pogue.CheapShot" ShiftState="None" KeyType="SpellID" SIM="0x729" Auto="True" />
<key KeyName="Pogue.CloakOfShadows" ShiftState="None" KeyType="SpellID" SIM="0x79f8" />
<key KeyName="Pogue.ColdBlood" ShiftState="None" KeyType="SpellID" SIM="0x3761" Auto="True" />
<key KeyName="Pogue.DeadlyThrow" ShiftState="None" KeyType="SpellID" SIM="0x6837" Auto="True" />
<key KeyName="Pogue.Distract" ShiftState="None" KeyType="SpellID" SIM="0x6bd" Auto="True" />
<key KeyName="Pogue.Envenom" ShiftState="None" KeyType="SpellID" SIM="0x7f85" Auto="True" />
<key KeyName="Pogue.Evasion" ShiftState="None" KeyType="SpellID" SIM="0x149d" Auto="True" />
<key KeyName="Pogue.Eviscerate" ShiftState="None" KeyType="SpellID" SIM="0x832" Auto="True" />
<key KeyName="Pogue.Feint" ShiftState="None" KeyType="SpellID" SIM="0x7ae" Auto="True" />
<key KeyName="Pogue.GhostlyStrike" ShiftState="None" KeyType="SpellID" SIM="0x37c6" Auto="True" />
<key KeyName="Pogue.Gouge" ShiftState="None" KeyType="SpellID" SIM="0x6f0" Auto="True" />
<key KeyName="Pogue.Hemorrhage" ShiftState="None" KeyType="SpellID" SIM="0x407f" Auto="True" />
<key KeyName="Pogue.Kick" ShiftState="None" KeyType="SpellID" SIM="0x6e6" Auto="True" />
<key KeyName="Pogue.KidneyShot" ShiftState="None" KeyType="SpellID" SIM="0x198" Auto="True" />
<key KeyName="Pogue.ManaTap" ShiftState="None" KeyType="SpellID" SIM="0x703e" Auto="True" />
<key KeyName="Pogue.Mutilate" ShiftState="None" KeyType="SpellID" SIM="0x866b" Auto="True" />
<key KeyName="Pogue.Poison1" ShiftState="None" KeyType="ItemDefID" SIM="0xb4c" Auto="True" />
<key KeyName="Pogue.Poison2" ShiftState="None" KeyType="ItemDefID" SIM="0xb4c" Auto="True" />
<key KeyName="Pogue.Premeditation" ShiftState="None" KeyType="SpellID" SIM="0x3767" Auto="True" />
<key KeyName="Pogue.Preparation" ShiftState="None" KeyType="SpellID" SIM="0x3769" Auto="True" />
<key KeyName="Pogue.Ranged" ShiftState="None" KeyType="SpellID" SIM="0xacc" Auto="True" />
<key KeyName="Pogue.Riposte" ShiftState="None" KeyType="SpellID" SIM="0x37ab" Auto="True" />
<key KeyName="Pogue.Rupture" ShiftState="None" KeyType="SpellID" SIM="0x2c0b" Auto="True" />
<key KeyName="Pogue.Sap" ShiftState="None" KeyType="SpellID" SIM="0x2c21" Auto="True" />
<key KeyName="Pogue.Shadowmeld" ShiftState="None" KeyType="SpellID" SIM="0x5064" Auto="True" />
<key KeyName="Pogue.Shadowstep" ShiftState="None" KeyType="SpellID" SIM="0x8eca" Auto="True" />
<key KeyName="Pogue.Sinister" ShiftState="None" KeyType="SpellID" SIM="0x6d8" Auto="True" />
<key KeyName="Pogue.SliceAndDice" ShiftState="None" KeyType="SpellID" SIM="0x1a76" Auto="True" />
<key KeyName="Pogue.Stealth" ShiftState="None" KeyType="Char" BarState="Indifferent" Char="1" />
<key KeyName="Pogue.Vanish" ShiftState="None" KeyType="SpellID" SIM="0x740" Auto="True" />
<key KeyName="Pogue.UseItem1" ShiftState="None" KeyType="ItemDefID" SIM="0x0" Auto="False" />
<key KeyName="Pogue.UseItem2" ShiftState="None" KeyType="ItemDefID" SIM="0x0" Auto="False" />
<key KeyName="Pogue.UseItem3" ShiftState="None" KeyType="ItemDefID" SIM="0x0" Auto="False" />
<key KeyName="Pogue.UseItem4" ShiftState="None" KeyType="ItemDefID" SIM="0x0" Auto="False" />
</ Tab>
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ALT July 31, 2008
Registered since: Jun 2008
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How to read Keybelegung 1.6.8, and the threat is unnecessary.
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ALT July 31, 2008
Registered since: Jul 2008
Contributions: 6

Originally posted by giletto Post show
How to read Keybelegung 1.6.8, and the threat is unnecessary.
Time to read, and your post is unnecessary ....
I'm so busy, but it does not work. I've written above so also. There is also NO error message, Glider quasi thinks that the skill has been executed.
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ALT July 31, 2008
Registered since: Jul 2008
Contributions: 6

Have now installed the English version, which fixes the bug.
Too bad it does not work with the Germans.
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ALT 08.01.2009
Registered since: Aug 2008
Contributions: 4

Originally posted by giletto Post show
How to read Keybelegung 1.6.8, and the threat is unnecessary.
I find your response very superfluous! but I have the same problem with Vanish is because he tried to run it but he does not exclude simple
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ALT 08.01.2009
Registered since: Mar 2008
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Then do what has giletto said. Guide to read!
Keys evidence of only 1 to 0. '= And omit. English client use.

Then schonmal 99, x% of the excluded sources of error.
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ALT 08.01.2009
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you vanish net randomly on one of the two buttons behind the 0 or?
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