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Problem: loot
ALT August 13, 2008
Registered since: May 2008
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Problem: loot - Posted: 13.08.2008
I used glider 1.6.8, 2.0.3 final pogue.
I have the following problem. I start the first run and glide well alll great, he kills mogs and loot it. but sometimes he just stands still on the mob and does nothing more, no error message in the log is oda Sun he simply loot Nich and tried not to go ... I'm not even sure what exactly is the problem ...
I long to just skip all the chop at looting set, but now I want to take what leveling NEN profile by the way still to have lots of Khole yields.

someone had a similar problem?

I will ma gliding Bissel Gehler and if the re-emerges to talk post the log ...

greeting lilith
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ALT August 13, 2008
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what might help: install keyboard squatting or look at how your life or your mana display looks because he is who you are and nothing to eat at you and think you have to drann quickly turn on the interface loot ^ ^
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ALT September 10, 2008
Registered since: Sep 2008
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I also have Glider 1.6.8. and play with high n rogue and I'm also the problem that everything runs great and everything he loot and küchnert but after 10-15 minutes he did not loot and kill it just yet?

Have as yet no solution for it and the log is also not nothing? n who had planned what to do there?

HAb even made my computer plat and everything reinstalled and I do not know what to do ... farms so is really bad ...
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ALT September 10, 2008
Registered since: Apr 2007
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I'm currently a loot problem, he kills mobs, then he clicks on the corpse and sees the content, but it does nothing. I then turned on to WoW inerface "schnellse looting" and had changed to "shift" to "No", so the loot wow takes over himself, because he automatically open when the contents of the inventory raises.
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ALT September 10, 2008
Registered since: 27 Aug 2008
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I also like this ... is also recommended but I think so ...
Just enable fast loot in wow ...
Who wants to sort out some, this may indeed make 2 via the addon lootfilter. funzt the perfect ... immediately throw away all the gray and the white things that I do not need to be entered into ne blacklist ...
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