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End after 2 mobs! Log inside! Halp!
ALT September 16, 2008
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End after 2 mobs! Log inside! Halp! -Posted: September 16, 2008
So ... The Rogue Pogue always stops after 2 mobs ..

Client is in English ..

and here is the log ..

Combat is done
Gained 496 experience.
Eating. 26 food left
** Exception in GlideThread: the given key was not in the dictionary.
at System.ThrowHelper.ThrowKeyNotFoundException()
in System.Collections.Generic. SortedList 2 get_Item (T key key)
at a3.f(Int32_A_0)
at Glider.Common.Objects.GInterfaceHelper.IsKeyReady (string KeyName)
at Glider.Common.Objects.GInterfaceHelper.WaitForRead y(String_KeyName)
at Glider.Common.Objects.GContext.CastSpell (string KeyName, Boolean WaitGCD, Boolean fast return, Int32 ChannelWaitTime)
at Glider.Common.Objects.GContext.CastSpell (string KeyName)
at Glider.Common.Objects.Pogue.CastSpell (String name)
at Glider.Common.Objects.Pogue.EatIfNeeded ()
at Glider.Common.Objects.Pogue.Rest ()
at ag.u()
at ag.ab()
at ag.a(Boolean_A_0)
bei ag.w()
bei ag.q()
bei ag.v()
Saved tendency info on 2 mobs

So did "Ranged" in the stealth bar to "0" and in the 1 bar to "0" in the keys but I find no Ranged no stealth ..

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ALT September 16, 2008
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did not you would not say that ranged does not fit but that you eat as the associated item, We aRe oNe
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ALT September 17, 2008
Registered since: Nov 2007
Contributions: 83

ehm, how can I assign it as an item?


edit: as already found habs .. thx

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