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eating problems with pogue autofix for pphater
ALT September 22, 2008
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eating problems with pogue autofix for pphater - Posted: 22/09/2008
Can anyone tell me at what it could be that my rogue is not sitting down at 65 HP and munches .. what time he does it and sometimes he does not buck up and runs with 40HP to the next MOB. BIn from 70 to 65 hp down because the mobs are lower .. now he munches if he has buck and I do not like the pretend
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ALT 04.10.2008
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Brother of the same problem I also rent my Rogue slaps the mobs then just says he gliderdas mia has not eat even though I bought 100 delicious chicken and sorted on the right keys

ps me he never eats either set wrong or my Rogue fasts
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ALT 05.10.2008
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could be due to the macro ... but just because I'm not so sure, must visit if in the macro also drinne eating is to eat what you have on the button, the macro must also attach to NEN Barplatz.

MFG Deda
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ALT 05.10.2008
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have the problem with my warlock

Have a place to eat (bar6) and drink at number 2 (bar6)

Drink he always does but he can eat his

very funny would be glad if someone could help me
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