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Pogue 2.0.4 will not poison
ALT October 25, 2008
Avatar by Dadde
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Pogue 2.0.4 will not poison - Posted: 25.10.2008
servus people,
I have the following problem:
have in my glider 1.7.6 elite pogue 2.0.4 poison for main-and offhand and activated in the 3rd actionbar 2 different poisons placed on the first two buttons. is implicit in the error message constantly gliderlog
One or no poisons left. Assume it is a macro and click it anyway
One or no poisons left. Assume it is a macro and click it anyway
hire someone knows how I can bring Dend azu to use poisons?
because mutilate without poisons pure truly skin-Nich: S

greeting, dadde

edit: problem solved, the poisons have simply given n fixed space. I also had to come before it -. -

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