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Problems Botten
ALT 03.01.2009
Registered since: Dec 2008
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Problems Botten - Posted: 03.01.2009

I'll give you quick info (what I think what's important if something is missing, I like to post).

- Latest glider final
- Wow english
- Lvl 48 horde rouge

I have the following problems:

- I create a profile but it only kills the funzt a mob stops
- He is very funny, he makes two steps back before one stops and so on (until he has just killed the one mob)

Would appreciate help

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ALT 03.01.2009
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Poste times your Gliderlog - facilitates error analysis ...

- Set keys to default in WoW?
- WoW in the foreground if you have no elite?
- Selected in the right class Glider?
- Keys set up properly?
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hinbekommen habs
ALT Jan 5, 2009
Registered since: Dec 2008
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hinbekommen habs - Posted: 05/01/2009
but thx
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ALT 08.01.2009
Registered since: Sep 2008
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And where was the mistake? Maybe others can learn as well as something else.
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