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Rogue does not attack!
ALT 03.03.2009
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Rogue does not attack! - Posted: 03/03/2009

I ordered Glider a few days ago and wanted to try him directly - works quite well so far.
Only if I want my bot villains either he will ampoules with the throwing weapon, he did not use the other attacks, ie, it only makes car hits.
If I switch to "use stealth" and that he should open with "cheap shot" the fight, then he uses the other attacks but "cheap shot" works very rarely, only when the mobs are.
I've also been with "melee range" messing around but even then there is no change = (.
Have already looked everywhere in the forum and used the SuFu but did not really find anything that helped me.
It comes just always the error:
"Got unsolicited target! Ambush?
Monster is not targetting me, no big deal "

Ever Thanks for the answers in advance!

/ EDIT: Has Fortunately, the problem will =) Have the "Options" just issued everything and then just liefs!

Last edited by Nectan (04/03/2009 at 16:53 (Watch)
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