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Rogue PvP Info # 1
ALT December 29, 2007
Registered since: Dec 2007
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Rogue PvP Info # 1 - Posted: 29/12/2007
Rogue PvP Info # 1

Hi rogue community,

in shaping the site I need your help to write your ideas / wishes just in here.

If you want me to have the team setups in 2on2 / 3on3 / 5on5 help, please send me an email [email protected]. Then you get more information from me.

If someone good knowledge of HTML, PHP, etc. and has desire is to help the project then get in touch with me yet. Contact information can be found on the HP.

Please use the link

Rogue PvP Info # 1

The other one just takes too long and there is also much always advertising. Your site is packed at times NEN other host and get me tomorrow have a real domain


Team setup


So I would rate about the different setups. Before I begin, however, so, I would like to know from you whether you want to have a little something else with it. If so, then please write in here.


/ Cheer




General - added chapters 1 & 2
Intro Page added
Banner added
2on2 team setup (content follows this week)
Video divided in pre BC and BC
Interface of me made available for downloading
Chapter 3 added
9 videos in the BC section added
New Banner (better fit to)
Addon added Rupture_Tournament
Chapter 1 - added Trinkets
Focus blind macro added
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ALT December 29, 2007
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re - Posted: 29/12/2007
hi zokke Rogue and got on with the blood-thirsty gladiatorial realm gemaxht

Tactic is to partner at 2n2 = 3n3 = priest mage mage
Spec: 0/31/30
Advantages: 2n2 are the advantages with which he can ccn a mage and cs
Disadvantages: quickly down the mage ^ ^
Anti-combos: 2n2 in mage + Rogue anti-hunter, shaman combo =
and 3n3 = shamy Mage Rogue
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