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Lock crack - made quick and easy! Guide.
ALT January 16, 2008
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Lock crack - made quick and easy! Guide. -Posted: January 16, 2008

for the son of a friend, and then geshared Acc Mains were deleted, I geglidet NEN villains.
Now, this rogue is now already at 67 and gets not even a soda can on.
That had to change, but how are you the fastest?

Therefore, here is a little guide to the castle crack Kill (SKS) to the experience I went to pass.
For the Alliance, I'm not so detailed, I like to change this.

The required lock crack Skills (SKS) of the locks in the respective zones always start at the lowest level of the mobs here x5.
For example: Black Forest / Darkshore Level 10-24 Skill 50 Required!
Your currently SKS is also always possible your level x5. So since your level 24 you have SKS max. 120th
No matter how many castles you crack, the skill will not go up to 120.

What skillt than ever
Basically you can say everything is closed and can be opened skillt, dependend on its color (as usual green, yellow, orange).
Red skillt which provides that no, you'r to low, Pal. Grey is always crap anyway, so with the SKS.
So locked chests, boxes in the world, or Inis, locked doors or cages, foot cuffs, etc.
But as practice locks or 'junk boxes'!
Mentioned here before: TRINKET BOXES are the key to quickly skillen, just for NEN Bot!

Junkboxes - The fast way to skillen ....
For at least bots ......
Junkboxes is captured quite well, and only on humanoids.
Tip: Since your in an area and want to know which mobs have the best rate, looking at to the mobs.
They that have an extra column: pickpocketing, because then you see what mobs have the best rate.

A tip on how quickly it comes to these cases: pickpocketing can only be used from stealth.
So you choose for this one-Erstangriffs attack, which can be exported from the Stealth Assassination example.
Sets but they are not directly on the bar at the position of Erstattacke, but you make a macro:
/ Cast Pick Pocket
/ Cast Backstab
This macro is then on the place of the attack, and even allows her to empty the pockets of mobs, and comes so many junk boxes.

Junkboxes and Skills
Battered Junkbox - 25
Worn Junkbox - 100
Sturdy Junkbox -175
Heavy Junkbox - 250
Strong Junkbox - 300

Skillen using chests
Blizz has spread all over the world, such "chest-spots". There can be over a longer period skillen nice. For example, at the beginning spot of 0-100.

Spots and chests where their skills can be spec'd to AB
Foothills - Durnholde fortress - 75?
Redridge Mountains - Lake Immerruh - 75?
Ashenvale - Zoram beach - 75?
Steikrallenbgebirge - Windshear Crag and venture mines - 75?
Sumpland - Murloc Camps - 100?
Desolace - Sar'theris beach - 175?
Badlands - Angor Fortress 175?
Swamp of Sorrows - tear something - 200?
Searing Gorge - 200?
Tanaris Desert - 'The Pirate Bay' - 225?
Azshara - Bay of Storms - 275?
Östl. Plaguelands - Tyr's Hand - 275?

Skillen through doors
Skillen is not open doors with the truth, because you can not open the stand up again and again.
They've just NEN longer cool down. So to take time NEN skill point with quite OK.
To skillen at a time unsuitable.

Doors and skills
Gnomeregan - 150
Monastery - 175
Gates in Searing Gorge - 225
BlackRock - 280
Scholomance - 280
Dire Maul - 300

Skillen by cassettes
Yes, the lockboxes are skillen a good opportunity at a time, zumindes times the 5 skill points of the level.
Just in the capital, once called in the trade chat while the loot in the AH provides, log on again 3-5
Box owners.

Cassettes and skills
Bronze Lockbox - 60
Heavy Bronze Lockbox - 75
Iron Lockbox - 85
Heavy Iron Lockbox - 125
Steel Lockbox - 180
Reinforced Steel Lockbox - 225
Mithril Lockbox - 225
Thorium Lockbox - 225
Eternium Lockbox - 225
Khorium Lockbox - 325

The beginning Horde!
Is easy. When rogue teachers take the lock clicks Learning Quest and get the tool.
Then we will go to the Barrens. a piece of the east side is a ship Ratchet.
Belly of the ship are found in massive chests exercise because it schaftt slightly from 0-100 in 15-20 minutes

Afterwards it off to Castle Dorholde, there are also small box everywhere. This skillen from 100-175 in about 45-60 minutes
From then ch recommend the ogres in Tanaris to steal from tossing trash boxes quite well. Look at all easy to bufffed
which are worth because the most.

From 225 it is worth it even to call in the capitals of the box is opened, the additional help, otherwise always nice
Unlock doors and chests instance seek

However, I have been of 1-305 2-3 hours spent with it.
Not for the easy glider certainly, but for the demanding second The account may also be a help Bottet times.

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ALT January 16, 2008
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thank you very much! + Rep
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ALT January 16, 2008
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h3h3, was allowed to torment me with my rogue as well. the trick with the macro-Never would have had time to come have all the manure made by hand. why kommste because only now that the corner + REP
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Slots free YES

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ALT January 16, 2008
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ALT 21/01/2008
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Hey, there are of this problem, you could take much more of pickpocketing, sometimes only has enough time to wow Nich autoplündern, then loot For example, only the cash or garnix. and if you put the bag on the macro-only theft, he added the mob to blacklist "can not engage combat" or something.
So in short, the Plündernfenster are frequently closes too fast.
Someone an idea?
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ALT 21/01/2008
Avatar by MasterRg
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dan you do not stand close enough to the mob. There Were there a setting somewhere
at distances-> Melee Range: Normal is 4.80, try using as an example of three who
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ALT 21/01/2008
Avatar by DiAsK
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So I'll give you my spots well out ^ ^
Will not be so time ^ ^

Östl. Plaguelands - Tyr's Hand - to 311 geskillt! Are about 15 chests in the mocking, but imemr busy!

Then, with 311 killed in 20minutes in Zangarmarsh at the Wildfeen in the village on 350!

Yes it can make it!
Should I now helped you have, please simply to Click!
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ALT 21/01/2008
Registered since: Nov 2007
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Nich think that it is in the distance, because sometimes he plunders only a little, well, apart from the glider, has been a problem already discussed several times in the official wow forums
is because the glider attack carries on immediately after the macro and not enough time to loot there is complete
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ALT 21/01/2008
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Originally posted by Gravity19m Post show
is because the glider attack carries on immediately after the macro and not enough time to loot there is complete
I could then install another 4-5x / stopcasting's that have delayed the Attake then some.
Whether that still works in 2.3 so I have not tried.
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ALT 21/01/2008
Registered since: Nov 2007
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Ne stopcasting has been 3.2 nichmehr
habs already tried 5 times with a pocket theft ^ ^
but will also not know, but ess ne possibility must be there ne break or just use something like that ^ ^
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ALT December 23, 2008
Avatar by Lazzmania
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you can also write relatively simple task ne

Harvest lockbox
Hotspots and ogog

as well as a variety is available from the Amiforum example: 1-150 300-350 Horde Zangarmarsh etc.

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