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Rules for this section + INFO!!!
ALT April 12, 2008
Registered since: May 2007
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Rules for this section + INFO!!! -Posted: April 12, 2008
The action / trading / selling is prohibited and shall be punished with a warning.

Offering Game Card, licenses, or CD-Keys to LVL service is not allowed here

This rule applies to the entire forum! Lever service may be offered not! Only verified Level Provider!

+ + + + + + INFORMATION

To the people looking for a level of service, to not somehow to be scammed, I would assume only offers from Verifizierten LvLern (you will here find them:) WoW level service - WoW/MMO glider Forum | WoW bot Forum | WoW Forum) Or people who are known in the forum and renown have a lot of positive (left the "Rep points: XXX" (green = good ^ ^) - and only members of this forum, these are people with green names). If you forgive the service to people with gray names, 0 Posts and 0 renown, is the chance of being cheated is very high.
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ALT 02.08.2008
Registered since: May 2007
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Location: Hamburg

Update because I think it does not read the rules!

Erstelln to a post with "You post" or! Hey you've got a PM "are prohibited.!

In my sig you can find the forum rules! These threads will be deleted in future, if that does not stop.

§ 6 If you want to appeal to a user / member in person, write a PM (private message).

The forum is meant for information of general interest. Private communication on the forum is not allowed. The forum has a versatile function PN (private messages).

Note: The PN feature is only available to users when they have written two posts in the forum. Spamming or senseless postings are not allowed to reach this number.

By clicking on the user's upper left of the post (left mouse button) will open the pulldown menu:
After clicking on the item "a private message to xxx" You can not post your PN. Also a member's profile offers the possibility to send this directly to a PN.

Incoming PN are usually reported by POP-UP window. This is not the case, the display of new PN in the control, if you've selected the appropriate function, can you also notify you by email can.

PNs can also be read at any time by clicking on "Inbox" in the Control Panel.
If the PN function should be deactivated once, you can communicate via email privately.

Therefore the user click on top left of the post (left mouse button), it will open the pulldown menu.
"Send an e-mail to xxx" after clicking the point you can compose your email.

Postings such as "@ XYZ" or "XYZ get in touch again" are not welcome!
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