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Wilkins 10.05.2008 14:12

Level of Shami search service 14-70

and although I am looking for a lvl service of 14-70

This is a Shamanin

- 100% riding skill, and Flight Mount
- 3000 Gold

On a PvE server Arygos.

vlt you can make me some offers
pn me

Mfg. Wilkins

Cloosh 11.05.2008 18:22

request to your order
hi I wanted to ask what you wanted to spend that for that?
and how long do you give the service time to realize your wishes.

3000 gold you want to have that?
epic flying mount yet it?
and leveling to 70?

So I would do it if the true cost 1000 gold currently costs around 10 €.

yes I can sometimes talk in icq maybe you will even agree.


Wilkins 12.05.2008 12:11


nobody wants to lvl my Shami

WerSchakal 12.05.2008 12:13

Would love to do but just have no place free ..


Ps: Wenn du mir nen Tolles Angebot machst, überleg ich mir den auftrag vorzuziehen ;))

Wilkins 12.05.2008 12:26

have pn

Daywalker91 12.05.2008 15:16

Write me at times in icq: 307327574 or pm

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