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Search Paladin Leveling Service
ALT May 12, 2008
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Search Paladin Leveling Service - Posted: 12/05/2008

I already have a level service for my Blood Elf Paladin.

Right now is the Char 20 and I would like to see me in as quickly as possible to 70.

The Char is an account on the Char is NOT otherwise.

Whether you own or play the Char hochbottet is up to you.
By hand I would prefer

I feel it is first and ONLY regard to the levels of the chars. Gold is relative.

If it goes fast, I would also provide a small amount of "thank you" to refer to those.

So if you have loss then it is writing here in the thread or contact me via

ICQ - 198150811

Best regards Relaxe
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ALT May 12, 2008
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ALT May 12, 2008
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Full Geil've written with him in icq he said this: one probably if the service is quick There will be a small fee
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