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Search for Warlocks Levler
ALT May 14, 2008
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Search for Warlocks Levler - Posted: 14/05/2008
Jo, as the title suggests, I seek a Levler for my warlock. He is say to and write Level 1 ^ ^
It should be leveled from 1-70. Professions, honor, gold etc is not care (!)

I can offer a

- WoW Classic Key
- WoW BC Key

These keys have their safe ...

Now you can choose to have between:

- 61s Orc Warrior PvP realm on nem.


-36er Troll Mage
27er-Elf Hunter

It is to be handed out as follows. I have no collateral in the Keys.

-The sorcerer reaches level 20 -> The selected account ie log data
-The sorcerer reaches level 40 -> E-mail this secret question + CD Key
-The sorcerer reaches level 60 -> WoW Classic Key
-The sorcerer reaches level 70 -> BC Key

I hope you can find what, because I have not much time, and that levels would take something. I can not make any service level as I would push down the somewhat financially. Not a very nice income :/

I'd be happy if any lots (:

Can you reach me on ICQ or in the thread here or PM. -> 447030561

Thank you!

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ALT May 14, 2008
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