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Rogue 20-70
ALT 05.08.2008
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Rogue 20-70 - Posted: 05.08.2008
Hey dear guys,

Seeking jmd me Bottet my rogue 20-70.

Horde PvP server.

In the end, a normal flying mount and 2-3 k gold may be present.

Ps: we will pay us Priced certainly agree, I'm online bank transfers.

Please do not report the people here have 2-3 posts. Should already be a member.
I know it's weak sense eig but well, I would rather go it on einwenig security number.

So that's it if you're interested write me PM or ne me just the same in addet Icq 400523355

Looking forward to many good offers.

Until then
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ALT 05.08.2008
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Sign up for my icq or write ne PM


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