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Search service level mage 1-70
ALT 08.08.2008
Registered since: Jan 2008
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Search service level mage 1-70 - Posted: 08/08/2008

Seeking a level service for my mage since my old Main, 20 has died ...
Here's what I'd like to:

PvP Server
UD Mage 1-70
Riding 300
ca.1k gold bar
First Aid 350 +
Herbalism & Alchemy 350 +

If it is by hand, but since I can check before Nich / it is my first care

Just write me at times with ner asking price and amount of time!

Edith says: If you have a mage to sell directly, you can also write me happy!


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ALT 08.08.2008
Registered since: Mar 2008
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uff want professions that can be expensive to be ^ ^ Wenne by hand and still

I'd also be interested to know what it costs so much but I think
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ALT 08.08.2008
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meld with me or thee times Angel

AIM: me: 430-304-742
angel: 499-481-105
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ALT August 10, 2008
View Jakeey
Registered since: 27 Aug 2008
Contributions: 74

I'll do you for 200 € per hand.

offered with 130

Turning want to write pn, if not leave it and say ne price range for lvln offered.

Hand / bot lvln is verifiable, I tell you also like dan

I `m Back
From next week you can again expect Tuts
mfg your Jakeey
Rogue: 10-20 - 30 - 40-50 - 60 - 70

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ALT August 11, 2008
Registered since: Jun 2008
Contributions: 10

huhu € 160 takes about 21 days, depending on the class

occupations mount inclu

pn me or just see sig
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