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Lvl search service
ALT August 16, 2008
Registered since: Aug 2008
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Lvl search service -Posted: August 16, 2008
Good evening

as the thread title suggests I look for a qualified LvlerWho me a Undead Warlock LVLT. Have been some negative experiences in terms of reliability. There were reached agreements, but not with the lvln begun. So please only offers from people are seriously interested!

The character should from lvl 1-70 gebottet questing or even better be. Quest for dignity and a corresponding charge to pay. But Do not.

Should as a profession First Aid be learned.

There is a special feature: The account will be shared by me.
And indeed from Friday to Sunday from 18:00 clock clock 14:00.
The rest of the week, I'm not there, this time should be used to lvln.

At a price you can certainly agree on ICQ.
Pay by Paypal or by Transfer.

ICQ Number: 338070056

Please sit down quickly if interested contact me, because I do not have a week at home.


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ALT August 17, 2008
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Contract is awarded

* Only mentioned once in passing *
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