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Search Service Level 38-70
ALT August 25, 2008
Registered since: Aug 2008
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Search Service Level 38-70 - Posted: 25.08.2008
Hello, I am looking for a level service to my Dranai shamans to bring Lvl 70.

The important thing is only the lvl that occupations are not important, I can skillen still behind you.

Any offers you via PM to me.

2 things that need to be gerklärt.
1. What happens in the event of a banns?
2. How we assure the thing for both parties from?

How long would the Lvl life ???

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ALT August 25, 2008
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Originally posted by Zibu Post show
1. What happens in the event of a banns?
2. How we assure the thing for both parties from?

How long would the Lvl life ???
1. Is the Char banned. With luck you can Recover it.
2. Ebay is preferable ne good thing or Verified User.

3. 14 to max. 20 days

Greeting Relaxe
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ALT August 26, 2008
Registered since: Mar 2008
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If you have not yet found anyone for the job you are welcome to sign up with me via PM or ICQ 177768821 below.

I verified suppliers here in the forum - not the cheapest but I know what I'm doing ... and quality has its price =)

At the Banfrage ... I handle all this: If the char is banned because I do not have enough "care" about him then 100% of the money paid back. With a wave but unfortunately I'm powerless, you see them come and each one takes to complete Level Service at its should be aware that the char will be banned CAN (In with pers. Previously Ban-rate <1%). That's why at a wave "only" the back part that has not been "verlevelt".

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ALT August 26, 2008
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Amanda can, you like via:
ICQ (430304742) or
Skype (support.wowartists)

contact me!
About the price, we will agree 100% sure!


To spell question:
When a spell (now came to NEVER before) you get back 90% of your money!
If the "error" but not just me ... Banwaves & lasting Login
your hand, etc ... unfortunately there just NEN banned account ...
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ALT August 26, 2008
Registered since: 27 Aug 2008
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Well in the case of a ban can be the account Recover without problems, since the IP Range is clearly noticeable. Therefore, first, only a temp ban in question, at least I think ... yes Acc may also have been hacked and be the owner of the vacation.

LvL time, so well 20 days is probably some exaggeration. A good service provider should create no problems in 12-14Tage. And yes I've amplifier Shammys pulled up, so I can judge relatively well. I think shamans the easiest to bottende melee class at all.

If you want quality, the price should be somewhere between 80-100 euros, offers of 50 euros or the like, I'd rather skeptical judge. Yes there here a number verified suppliers where enough ratings can be found. Alternatively, Ebay, but there is such a thing, definitely stay away from Chinese suppliers. Otherwise reviews movies and possibly write in advance with the seller via ICQ to sniff and little if he has a clue. But always remember, it gets priced somewhere around 80 Euro, are enough black sheep advertise with funny prices and if they have the money to do just nothing.

Securing you can hardly anything, try with the service abzumachen partial payments, for example, at the start you pay 25Euro at lvl 50 and 25 Euro at lvl 65 the rest.
But there will be hardly anyone who will level up in advance and you will only pay the money, the risk is too great for the provider.
Next Banwave inc: still 1-4 months

I ´ m back! When comes the next wave

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