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Search for a Service Level Priest
ALT August 29, 2008
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Search for a Service Level Priest - Posted: 29.08.2008
Hello people;
I am looking for my 31er priest Lvler one of the leveling up to 70. He has 4 Netherstofftaschen; start something gold and the 60% mount.
It should only be leveled, so no trades, etc.

For this I offer you a WoW account to the following chars:

61 human paladin
50 Night Elf Hunter
36 Human Rogue
+ Twinks

The account is still up to the 14th September paid.
All dates are available!

Contact via PN

Fighting games are funny, I play WindowsXP now already more than 5 years and have not won more still.

Last edited by lolo (29/08/2008 to 18:52 Clock) Reason: Possible contacts forgotten
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