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ALT 03.09.2008
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Find someone who I will level up my warrior from LVL 44 to 70 and preferably also mitskillt mining (since he is 20 or so) and that enables the Char Mats! The whole has a rough goal as quickly as possible and still secure!

I do not want hot spots are used, as I expect things to stay on the character, but I will not specifically establish a guild and also create a bank. Honesty of the leveler is the keyword here! Also no advertising spam and so on - all the stories that you do not.

A report or a way to watch the char would be nice but do not know if this is now technically possible at all. What with some viewers might HERE?

When spell I want to have some sort of compensation, which looks like is left to your offer.

The char has relatively decent gear (even a stage of his epic ^ ^), a mount and does not have many friends.

Please only people who can deal with and no Followtimer and Avoid "yes, yes, I throw it and take it or leave leveler"

If anyone should be interested in: I am always open for offers


No one interested?

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