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Search Service Level 1-70
ALT September 10, 2008
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Search Service Level 1-70 -Posted: September 10, 2008
I am looking for NEN NEN service level Night Elf Priest PVP Realm cheer of 1-70, I make the payment would be happy with another char, a Draenei Shaman. This char has elements S1, S2 amplifier, Kara / Gruul approximately every 8 Ele Shaman parts from Inis, 6 amp items (good) and 5 items healer, he still has about 100g. He can use all the Alliance mounts (except for Gnome), and he also has a normal flying mount, and all Heroic Keys. Post any further questions and offers please click here or whisper.
Thank you
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ALT September 10, 2008
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As in Yahoo said, so a char has unfortunately not worth much. If you find someone who looks good at the moment a Shami, otherwise I'll take up the offer and pull you from 50 €.

Let me know what you decide.
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