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Search Service for lvl witch!
ALT October 11, 2008
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Search Service for lvl witch! -Posted: October 11, 2008
Hey first

I am looking for reliable and trustworthy jmd that my Blood Elf Warlock (PvE Servers dt) from lvl 11 - leveling up lvl 68/69. Herbalism as a profession it would be great, but need not be. Gold, reputation, etc are not that important.
I know that there is a risk botting to be banned and possibly because it is my only and main account, I would like to keep the risk as low as possible, ie do not know 24/7.
Would it still possible to char before wotlk still get to 68/69 (but at least 60)?
Could would also be great if I carried on between my acc, will be leveled so prevalent in the morning and at night.
But as I said, the safety of my Accs most importantly to me, so when the time gliding very should be secure, please say honestly, because I do not even know much about this subject with Sun

Still ne question: Would it be possibly even jmd, the leveling up (at least in part) by hand?

'm Already looking forward to offers, best price and with the same approximate time,

Lg Xaeli
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ALT October 11, 2008
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Hi Xaeli,
can understand your needs and consider it okay to take into account.

If you are interested in a reliable service provider level, did you meld
with me via PM or ICQ: 430304742, we can then all the rest and Relevant
! discuss

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ALT October 11, 2008
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Hi Xaeli. If you're interested in my services, then write me a time on ICQ (259-519-980) or e-mail ([email protected]) with me.

According as how much you want to play yourself, is up to 13.11. lvl 68/69 to make sure.

About the price, we are confident in the following discussion agreed.

Regards, Tirnak
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