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Search for service level warlock or paladin!
ALT October 19, 2008
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Search for service level warlock or paladin! -Posted: October 19, 2008
Good day,

Since I do not have time atm to lvln have and I will start with WOTLK again in events, I am looking for a good and affordable service level!

What would it cost to have my lvl 65er warlock leveling at lvl 70?

What would it cost lvln a paladin lvl from 1-70 to leave?

Tools such as professions etc unwichtig.Klar some gold does not hurt, but that if it were even!

Write me an PN-price with your ideas and also the estimated time!

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ALT October 19, 2008
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"You've got mail" =)

Even if there should be no please tell me - like even more information at MSN 177768821

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