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Search Service Lvl to 53-Addon
ALT October 28, 2008
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Search Service Lvl to 53-Addon - Posted: 28/10/2008
Good morning, everyone,

search in this way another level service for my rogue. He is level 53 atm and fully rested. As he would like to Tuesday night or Wednesday morning will be leveled. Since I unfortunately can not be made white as many levels in the time I ask myself if you are interested in contact with icq: 497,893,625th
'm Usually in the afternoon time 16-18h online and otherwise from 20.00.
there could be anything other then discuss. Please pre-order only approximate Peisvorstellungen, because as I said above not estimate how many levels can at this time possible sind.Ansonsten PM me.

MFG sausage turner
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ALT October 28, 2008
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if you mean by the net today, Tuesday and Wednesday morning the net, say a week in between I might even pick out something nice ... <3 Rogue ^ ^

have you added me in icq
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