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[S] level of service 31-70 Warlock
ALT October 28, 2008
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[S] level of service 31-70 Warlock - Posted: 28/10/2008
I have a Blood Elf Sorceress for I am looking for a Service Level
my account my bot. I offer you a real selling warhammer
online account (as I personally do not play so suits). In an emergency, I would pay money but since I barely got this month yet what I thought I hau my acc was out. ^^

If this is too little informed me of the better and add me in ICQ
if there is interest 9142326

Incidentally, the Warhammer Online acc is still paid to 11 November.

if there is no interest in the acc or ranges nich (which has cost me 49.95) I put something on it. but you simply reports only once

Last edited by Hans Peter (28.10.2008 to 18: 35 (Watch)
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ALT October 28, 2008
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geaddet you've stayed at the icq, hope you present yourself soon
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Welcome back
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