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Devilcheater 18.11.2008 01:07

Individual & Trusted level service sought
Hello together,

I would like to inform me what time I would have wages because of the following requirements:

A lvl 68 1/2 rogues bring to 70.

Bring a mage from 25 to 35

- Magicians bring VZ skill to max (at 225 degrees) would be enough gold for it and present something fall off so well, or from rogue?
- Put up a warrior from 25 to 30

Looking forward to your offers!

Vielen Dank schonmal :-D

Mio 18.11.2008 01:18

Hi, So you are interested, you can also email me ICQ: 413783195

think we are in agreement

Someday 18.11.2008 07:18

Du kannst dich gern bei mir via ICQ oder PN melden - genauere Infos zu meinem verifizierten levelservice findest du in meiner Signatur. Achja... und grad gibts 20% Rabatt auf alles - würden uns also sicher einig werden ;)


Devilcheater 20.11.2008 08:17

Thank you very much for your offers herlzlich! Let me all the time going through my head and then just sign up at the various "vendors". as I said thank you and have a nice day to all!

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