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Search Service Level 48-80 Shaman?
ALT November 20, 2008
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Search Service Level 48-80 Shaman? - Posted: 20/11/2008
Hi Guys, I've played my paladin to 80 in the next few days, I would like to have my 2nd character to 80. Only I have the next time, do not really have time (because I'm gone). Therefore, I am looking for a level service for my '48 shaman. Professionals need not only to be mitgeskillt level and when it goes just to remain the gold on it. Within 5 days I will then make my decision who I entrust my account. He is also on a PvP server and Horde.

Edit: the shaman still levele to 60 by hand. So should be the service level of 60-80.

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ALT November 20, 2008
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A link in my signature to find lots of information about my service level - you should have questions that are not cleared by you like you can always contact me in ICQ (number 177 768 821).
I had "squandered" a total of almost 300 characters, and certainly would of course also in your case my best ^ ^

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ALT November 20, 2008
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Someday there not the only one here is, I also offer my services to you, of course.

Information can be found via the link in my signature. On a personal interview to discuss details, I am happy. Reach me on ICQ 259-519-980.

Regards, Tirnak
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