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77> 80 Mage
ALT 09.12.2008
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77> 80 Mage - Posted: 09/12/2008
Find me someone who completes my Mage.
He is in his early 77 and has about 1 LVL and fast recovery Fmount.

Exclusively by hand, not a bot! (Which to me is very important and will also make a sample xD, am schonmal fell for a service where I paid for the hand but was gebottet).

Request for asking price, should happen as quickly as possible.

Thanks and greetings PfG
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ALT 12/24/2008
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by hand ... € 60
I `m Back
From next week you can again expect Tuts
mfg your Jakeey
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ALT February 15, 2009
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I take 30 ..
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ALT February 15, 2009
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Ha ha ... a mage by hand .. anyway if you do every day a few Dalies around 20 you'll get 20k xp each q already .. So 20 times 20 ... uh .. uh, mh 4 and two 2x2 times zero turn uh .. yes 400 k!

So after three days of such a level you .... if you're only Dailies! Inis by 1-3 per ini-making according to the around 150-200k!

What I'm saying you can manually make light and fluffy 3 levels .. WotLK's for beginners .. see gemahct DK! Hero class and runs from 55 to 80 ..!
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