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Search: Double-Level Service 10-60
ALT December 20, 2008
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Search: Double-Level Service 10-60 - Posted: 20.12.2008
Seeking a level service for 2 chars: a druid and a hunter!

Both are on different accounts and are using, invite-a-friend "-
Action interconnected.

So you get both 300% of normal killexp.

I have both the simplification of the order already leveled to 10 and
The first class graduated from quests => Off and it kannn be immediately correct.

The job should take no longer than a week.

I am offering money as compensation.

To supplement, I think that the cost of simple and order situation
tripled the ep should be adequate.

Offers please, as always, by pn with ICQ number, so I am directly
can contact you.

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ALT 12/24/2008
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