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[Search] LVL service shaman 73-78
ALT 07.02.2009
Registered since: Jan 2009
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[Search] LVL service shaman 73-78 - Posted: 07.02.2009
Hello, as described above, I am looking for a lvl 73 shaman service for my lvl, it should go as soon as possible .....

The lvler get my DK lvl 80 with off and Eqip tank.

Who has interrese pls per Pn would be happy (:
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ALT 07.02.2009
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I recommend you to Dk for sale and to provide revenue Financial kind as consideration for LvL service.
Is essential Interestingly, one has to consider the circumstances.

1. No member
2. Only 3 posts

For me, the risk would be too great that you are the axx Recoverst,
therefore sell it and sell money by bank transfer
So you will surely find a reliable fast service provider.
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ALT 08.02.2009
Registered since: Jan 2009
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Place order just because I have 3 posts does not mean a long time I did not keep my word oO
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