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Search level service
ALT February 17, 2009
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Search level service - Posted: 17.02.2009

I am looking for a level-service.

There are like 3 different offers, zudenen I got to know in advance the price. Not generally, but zujedem a price.

Mage PvP Horde 74-80 (only the pure lvln.)

Rogue PvP Horde 30-60 (hammer equip, both account-bound weapons + shoulders)

Warlock PvP Horde 63-70 (only the pure lvln)

So then I do sometimes ask price proposals

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ALT February 17, 2009
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service - Posted: 17.02.2009
rrrr pressed the wrong omg so whom you celebrate tonight xD
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ALT February 17, 2009
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Yes I did you a PN in the mailbox, oh and I am also registered in the LS forum.

My ratings you can see here

You can contact me via PM and now first day to reach evening via ICQ

Greetings million
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