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lvl 72-80 DK B: 70 Druid, 69 Warri 44 Wl
ALT February 18, 2009
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lvl 72-80 DK B: 70 Druid, 69 Warri 44 Wl -Posted: February 18, 2009

moment because I'm in absolutely no time to level up I would like to level up my DK can he is immobilized on lvl 72 with ausruh ep up to approx. 73 1/2

I offer a 101% save BC account with a 70 tauren druid rare equip, 69 are rare, he Tauren Warri and equip a 44 twink warlock account has been frozen since 29 September 07 15:44 BST I still believe in the 1000g on the account but I 'm not sure can be activated immediately, however, is locked Elv.

Who iterested Report hatt please. Please do not cheat
awarded only to fast leveler

Contact Msn: [email protected]
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