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[Search] Service Level [RS] account
ALT February 27, 2009
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[Search] Service Level [RS] account - Posted: 27/02/2009

I really get tired of my druids have, I like to play a different class and though hunters.

Therefore I offer my druid (details later), so to speak in exchange for a service level 1-78 (definitely 70+). I would prefer if we could down the shemale Dudu. I play immoment on an EU-PvE server (Alliance) and have made me as a tank a pretty good name.

For druids:
He has furrier (450) and Lederer (416), first aid skill is somewhere around 380 (I have still few stacks Frostweave, but as a druid I need hardly an association) and the fishing skill is Occupations ~ 300 and culinary arts ~ 300th

The druid is geskillt on tank and thus has all the associated equipment. Been there twice obs (10) and had no problems as a main tank, for Naxx and other raids I have not got time. For 25er Inzen still lacks a few Equip improvements, but this one has collected quickly, if you have the time for it
Even Heroes can be easy refueling.

Brands I still have 17 pieces of gold and even to the 700th

But a picture is worth a baptize words:

Now for my hunter I would like to:
Server would also be PvE. Breed dwarf and therefore Alli
Profession one can furrier mitskilln (should not be a problem).
More wish I had not.

Offers please via PM! Many thanks!

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