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Search for Service Level 50-80 Paladin
ALT 05.03.2009
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Search for Service Level 50-80 Paladin -Posted: 05.03.2009
Hello dear community,

Structure of the threads:

First What I'm looking
Second What I offer
Third Securities
4th Contact

First What I'm looking

I already have a level service:
It will be leveled to a level 50 Blood Elf Female Paladin on the server Garrosh. Final Fixing Level is level 80 The proposal would also end skinning and mining to 450/450.
You have it as long as it takes time, but I will see every day a little success (I think one months is enough for this job).
The whole must be done by hand, I will accept neither bots nor exploits!

Second What I offer

I offer the following:
A wow account:
I am original owner and own ALL the data
You can choose between yourselves:

First Level 80 Blood Elf Warlock male


Life: 20 996
Mana: 13751
Spell: 2030
Spec: 0/52/19
Equip: focused on PvP, but PvE Epics also 4 (2/5 T 7)
Special Mounts: Black War Bear Zhevra and
Riding Skill: Skill 225
Professions: Herbalism 450/450 Herbalism 380/450

Second Level 80 Tauren Death Knight Male


Life: 19 736
Power: 2268
Spec: 25/0/46
Equip: focused on PvP
Riding Skill: 225
Professions: Mining 450/450 Engineering 406/450

Also, I'll top it off giving level 62 3/4 shaman.
(Tauren Male)

When asked to report the chars easily.

May I give her all three chars at a time.

Third Securities

First Phone call
Second By placing data exchange
Third Feedback
4th Feedback from an other forum

4th Contact

You can come into contact via:

First This thread
Second PM
Third ICQ: 434-934-408

Best regards yolk
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